Activism and Film

In 2017, many independent filmmakers are reflecting on how their films can inspire people to take action and resist a radically conservative administration that reflects and stokes a cultural backlash against diversity and environmentalism. Independent films often take us inside the lives and perspectives of “outsiders” who have been stereotyped and demonized in the media, thereby building empathy across social divides. Their stories investigate and expose truths about injustice and corruption that entertainment news services fail to tackle. In two TalkBacks and many screenings, AIFF2017 will foreground the voices of activist filmmakers who, through the example of their own commitment and that of their activist subjects, show how power that seems entrenched and overwhelming can be resisted and retaken.

—Richard Herskowitz, Director of Programming

Filming Activists
Talkback April 7 at 10am, Ashland Springs Hotel with Peter Bratt, Pamela Yates, and Nanfu Wang. Moderated by Sonya Childress.

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Acts and Intermissions

Indie Documentary Journalism in the Age of Fake News 
Talkback April 8 at 10am Ashland Springs Hotel with Kirby Dick, Cullen Hoback, Sonya Childress, and Brian Knappenberger. Moderated by Carrie Lozano.

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