AIFF on the Small Screen: Wildlike

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Feature | 104 minutes
Director: Frank Hall Green
Year: AIFF2015
Country: USA

Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent by her struggling mother to live with her uncle (Brian Geraghty) in Juneau, Alaska. As her mother’s phone calls become less frequent and her uncle’s care is not what it seems, she runs away. Her only thoughts are to escape her uncle and somehow contact her mother, but as she plunges deeper into the Alaskan interior, she is suddenly, helplessly alone. A chance connection with a reticent backpacker, Bartlett (Bruce Greenwood), proves to be her only lifeline. As Mackenzie shadows Bartlett across the last frontier, she thwarts his efforts to cut her loose until he has no choice but to help her survive. Against the backdrop of the spectacular Alaskan wilderness, they discover sanctuary and the redemptive power of friendship. [mature]