AIFF13: Spotlight on PIT STOP and PALIMPSEST

The Box Office for the 12th annual AIFF opened to the general public yesterday, and film tickets are selling quickly. And while a few screenings (particularly in our smaller theatres) went in to “rush”, there are still LOTS of tickets to great films available!! And, as tickets are often available to “sold-out” films on the day of the showing, “rushing” a film is a always an option.
I thought I’d take the opportunity over the next week to highlight a few films (out of 91 wonderful selections!) that we hope you will consider.


A sensitive and human story about two people searching for love. This film is a fine example of what is best about independent film today. A strong script, moving performances, beautiful and understated cinematography, and delicate pacing that allows characters and stories to unfold realistically. The emotionally honesty displayed in PIT STOP have made this a film that has really stayed with me.
Co-written by AIFF Award winning Director, David Lowery (PIONEER, AIFF 2011) and Directed by Yen Tan.
And don’t miss the wonderful short that accompanies PIT STOP.



A man, played by Joel Nagle, provides a unique type of therapy to his clients by “tuning houses,” as he listens for subtle clues of disharmony in their homes.
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