AIFF2017 Honorees

Lifetime Achievement Award: James Ivory

Directory James Ivory

AIFF2017 welcomes home acclaimed director and Klamath Falls native James Ivory, one of the founding partners of Merchant Ivory Productions. With the late Ismail Merchant he made 24 feature films over their 44year partnership—the longest in filmmaking history. Their films garnered 25 Academy Award* nominations including three for Best Picture and Best Director. Ivory began his filmmaking career in India with Merchant and screenwriter Ruth Prawer Jhabvala in 1962. They went on to make some of the most important and eloquent films of our time, including Shakespeare Wallah, A Room With a View, Remains of the Day, Maurice, and Howards End (the latter two screening at AIFF2017).

Maurice (30th anniversary) with a clip from the upcoming Sony Pictures Classics release directed by Luca Guadagnino, Call Me By Your Name, co-written by James Ivory

Friday, April 7, 6:40pm | Historic Ashland Armory

Howards End (25th anniversary)

Saturday, April 8, 3pm | Varsity

TalkBack: Cinematic Literature with James Ivory, Matías Piñeiro, and OSF Artistic Director Bill Rauch

Sunday, April 9, 10:00-11:30am, Ashland Springs Hotel


We always did exactly as we wanted. We chose what we wanted to do and that’s what we did.

Were you ever tempted to make a movie in Oregon?

I was. I wanted to make a movie once at Lake of the Woods, where my parents had a cabin, which I now have. We actually planned a film about a kind of Indian spiritual group that was at Lake of the Woods. We wrote a whole screenplay about it, but we couldn’t get funding for it.

Credit: Jeff Baker, “James Ivory: an interview with the Oscar-nominated director from Oregon.” The Oregonian/OregonLive, October 13, 2014\

Rogue Award: Alex Cox

Director Alex Cox

Born outside Liverpool, England, filmmaker Alex Cox now makes his home in Southern Oregon. He received widespread acclaim in the Hollywood-counterculture movement of the 1980’s for his cult films Repo Man and Sid & Nancy. Alex continues to create original and ambitious independent cinema including his latest crowdfunded film Tombstone Rashomon (AIFF2017), an homage to Akira Kurosawa steeped in the mythology of the Old West.

Join Alex and fellow Southern Oregonian Phil Thomas, the art director of McCabe & Mrs. Miller for a conversation on westerns after the screening of the film on Saturday night.


Crowdfunding really is the most effective way right now for filmmakers to connect with the audience, and find funding for the films they want to make. Studios and large financiers tend to make a certain type of film, dependent on big stars, superhero franchises, or talking animals. But there is more to cinema than this! Cinema should also embrace ambiguity, and irony, and unusual approaches which go beyond the hero/villain/talking animal model.

McCabe & Mrs. Miller

Friday, April 7, 6:40pm, Ashland Street Cinema

Tombstone Rashomon

Saturday, April 8, 6:40p, Ashland Street Cinema

Graciously supported by AIFF Board Emeritus members: Paul Adalian, Elaine Albrich, Anne Ashbey, Jerry Kenefick, Joanne Kliejunas, Pamela Leandro Notch, Linda  Otto, Jeff Blum, darrel pearce

Faerie Godmother Award: Rachel Lambert

Photo - Rachel Lambert

Director Rachel Lambert

AIFF in partnership with POWFest in Portland presents its annual award to a rising female director. This year’s recipient is Rachel Lambert. Rachel received a BFA from Boston University and studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. After graduating, she worked in theater and film in Britain. Since moving back to New York City, she has written three films: Kin, Mom Jovi, and her directorial debut, In the Radiant City

In the Radiant City

Thursday, April 6 6p | Friday, April 7 9p | Sunday April 9 12p | Varsity Theatre

This cash award is generously supported by the Faerie Godmother Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation.

Pride Award: Jenni Olson

Director Jenni Olson

Pioneering filmmaker Jenni Olson is one of the world’s leading experts on LGBT film history. Her cinematic memoir The Royal Road premiered at the Sundance Film Festival as did her short doc 575 Castro St., which will be shown before The Royal Road at AIFF2017. Involved in every facet of the filmmaking world—archivist,  film historian, writer, and more—Jenni is also the producer of the documentary The Freedom to Marry.


When I was a little kid I loved to watch classic Hollywood movies on TV — Jimmy Cagney, Gary Cooper, Buster Keaton, and Fred Astaire were my role models. In 1986, I was getting my BA in Film Studies when I read Vito Russo’s book The Celluloid Closet (about the history of homosexuality in the movies) and it changed my life. It really enabled me to come out and inspired me to start an LGBT film series on campus, which then merged into the Minneapolis/St. Paul LGBT Film Festival.

Pride Award funded by the Equity Foundation

The Freedom to Marry

Friday, April 7, 12p | Historic Ashland Armory

The Royal Road and 575 Castro St.

Sunday, April, 9, 12:40p | Varsity

Special Guest: Matías Piñeiro

Director Matías Piñeiro

Born in Argentina in 1982, Matías Piñeiro has already directed seven feature films that play with characters and concepts from Shakespeare and explore the slippery boundaries between text and image, narrative and reality. His latest feature, and first English-language film, Hermia & Helena, crosses similar borders as do two shorter films, Viola (2012) and Rosalinda (2011), all three of which will be featured in AIFF2017’s mini-retrospective of his brilliant career.


From film to film I realize more and more that what counts for me in filmmaking is the chance of being together with a group of people who I love and admire, all concentrated on one same quest: a film, which becomes then, a documentation of that gathering, no matter how much fiction we put into it.

Rosalinda / Viola

Thursday, April 6, 9:30p | Friday, April 7, 10a | Sunday, April 9, 6:30p | Varsity

Hermia & Helena

Friday, April 7, 12:40p, Saturday, April 8, 9:40p, Sunday, April 9, 3:40p, Monday, April 10, 3:40p | Varsity

TalkBack: Cinematic Literature with James Ivory, Matías Piñeiro, and OSF Artistic Director Bill Rauch

Sunday, April 9, 10:00-11:30am, Ashland Springs Hotel