Family Friendly Events

81 minutes
Director: Various
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Sat 10:00 am 

A special selection of shorts curated from the second annual CineSpace competition. These films all incorporate real NASA footage collected over 50 years of space flight and exploration.

Introduced by Daniel Jacobs, Manager of NASA International Partners Space Station Program​

Exploration | Director: Ryan J Thompson | United Kingdom | 3 min

The Traveler | Director: Duncan Elms | USA | 3 min

Izel | Director: Wil Prada | USA |6 min

Voyager | Directors: Loïc Magar, Roman Veiga | France | 10 min

The Divine Countdown | Director: Daniel Cantagallo | USA | 4 min

My Room at the Centre of the Universe | Director: Guy Spiller | South Africa |10 min

Atmos | Director: Matthew Nefdt | South Africa |3 min

Living on an Island | Director: Kuesti Fraun | Germany | 3 min

Music of the Spheres | Directors: Jon Bougher, Kohl Threlkeld | USA| 6 min

Life on Mars: Leila Zucker | Director: Melissa Balan | USA |11 min

Lani’s Space | Directors: Harriett Maire, Ferris Bradley | New Zealand | 10 min

Robot Koch – Eclipse | Director: Mickael Le Goff | Germany | 4 min

1950DA | Director: Sébastien Tulard |France | 8 min

Family Shorts: Kids Flix

10:10 am Ashland Street Cinema

Life Cycle of a Raindrop
2 minutes
Director: Ilaena Hepford
Year: 2017
Country: Ashland, OR


Slick’s Adventure
5 minutes
Director: Tashi Gooden, and filmer/videographer Makaya Pavilionis
Year: 2016
Country: Ashland, OR


The Children’s Festival: Celebrating 50 Years
5 minutes
Director: Owen Patridge, Festival Artwork by Pat Blair
Year: 2016
Country: Medford, OR

This film is a documentary about the volunteer Children’s Festival, an annual community event for kids and families.