AIFF fans share favorite films

Armory crowd gathered to listen to Special Guest Julie Taymor. Photo courtesy of Sean Jeter.


Reflecting on festivals past… 

We are just about a month away from the 2013 AIFF and as you can imagine things are in high gear.  But there is always time to have some fun and reflect on past festivals.  We’ve asked some long time AIFF friends and supporters to reflect on their favorite films and moments.  Enjoy!



Wendy Conner

AIFF Operations Manager/Senior Programmer
Lover of film and the Avett Brothers, adore my kids and Rico, BOOM!

Five Favorite AIFF Films:
45365 (2010)
Air Guitar Nation (2007)
War/Dance (2007)
How to Die in Oregon (2011)
Neo Ned (2006)

Favorite thing about the AIFF:
Watching the 12 months of fastidious planning come to life for five magical days.


Peggy Moore
Retired College Administrator and Community Volunteer
Lover of animals, good films and plays, good books and people who give back to their community

Five Favorite AIFF Films:
The Future of Food (2005)
Garbage Dreams (2010)
Prom Night in Mississippi (2009)
Born into Brothels (2005)
The Last Lions (2011)

Favorite thing about the AIFF:
AIFF provides food for the heart and the mind


John Rose
Ashland resident and AIFF member for three years
The best movies are usually dangerous, dark, and real.

Five Favorite AIFF Films:
Silver Tongues (2011)
The Waiting Room (2012)
Tchoupitoulas (2012)
Better This World (2011)

Favorite thing about the AIFF:
Figuring out the schedule so I can attend every film on my list and still not miss dinner.  And everyone all over town talking about cinema for five days.


Marla Estes
Founder of the School of the Examined Life, LLC
Uses film as a lens and portal to understand myself and others

Five Favorite AIFF Films:
Ethel (2012)
Prom Night in Mississippi (2009)
The Adults in the Room (2010)
Prodigal Sons (2009)
In a Dream (2009)

Favorite thing about the AIFF:
I get to be involved in what I’m passionate about ~ films ~ as a screener!


Christi Wruck
Current IT Project Manager/Former AIFF Staff Member
Filmy, nerdy, outdoorsy child-at-heart, seeker of laughter, love and chocolate

Five Favorite AIFF Films:
The Legend of the Scarecrow (2006)
Undressing My Mother (2006)
I Met the Walrus (2008)
Red Without Blue (2007)
Ross Bros Films- 45365 (2010), Tchoupitoulas (2012)

Favorite thing about the AIFF:
The friend-family that you cultivate over the 5 days and that comes back together every year- it’s like film camp!


Dot Fisher-Smith
I’m an artist, counselor, social change agitator, community elder & long-time (32 years) Ashland resident.

Five Favorite AIFF Films:
Mardi Gras: Made in China (2005)
The Gates (2008)
Hear and Now (2007)
Soul of Justice (2006)
Footsteps in Africa, A Nomadic Journey (2009)

Favorite thing about the AIFF:
The intensity of the 5 day marathon around the world at the Varsity.

Stay tuned for more!