Our filmmaker spotlights continue… next up, Greg Finton, Co-Director of The World According to Dick Cheney.


Greg Finton


Q: How did you get started in filmmaking?

Greg: My first three majors in college were: Music, Art, and Philosophy – film seemed to combine the aspects that I liked of all three.

Q: Who is your favorite independent filmmaker? Or who do you look up to in the independent filmmaking world?

Greg: I have so many favorites, but here are three that come to mind.  In no particular order – Errol Morris, Jim Jarmusch and Richard Linklater.

Q: What was your favorite film as a child and why?

Greg: It would have to be “The Bad News Bears”.  It combined my two main loves at that time – little league baseball and comedy.  I saw it in the theater at    least 3 or 4 times in 1976.  It wasn’t until I watched it years later as an adult that I realized it was probably the themes in the film – never giving up, and  the importance of pulling together as a unified team – that I was really responding to.

Q: If you were stranded on an island, and had the ability to watch one film over and over, what would that be?

Greg: Hoop Dreams

Q: If you are attending the 2013 AIFF, what are you looking forward to most in Ashland?

Greg: Getting to know the city, and spending time with fellow filmmakers.


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