Noble Coffee Roasting

Sponsor Spotlight

From AIFF volunteer meetings and filmmaker receptions, to our annual Oscar® Gala and Awards Celebration, Noble Coffee Roasting is always there with its delicious, aromatic, award-winning coffee, its friendly staff, and its generosity. We are lucky to have this locally-owned, internationally celebrated business as one of our loyal sponsors.

Founded in his Ashland, Oregon garage by Jared Rennie in early 2007, Noble Coffee Roasting was the culmination of a 20 year dream to make great coffee, indeed the world’s greatest coffee. As Jared said in the Follow the Food video feature that was part of AIFF13, “Our goal is to find the absolute best coffee that exists all over the world that’s sourced responsibly. For us, “responsibly” is both social and environmental, specifically with the environment in mind. Every coffee we’ve ever purchased is certified organic. That’s something that we really believe in. That’s something that we do for our milk, it’s something we do for our flour and butter for our baked goods, but most importantly for our coffee.”

In the early days, Noble Coffee was only available wholesale, but in 2009, Jared and his wife and business partner, Carolyn, opened the airy 3,000-square-foot coffee house that brightens up 4th Street in the Railroad District of downtown Ashland. The roasting room is visible to everyone inside as are the wonderful coffee-making skills utilized by the well-trained baristas. Noble has always provided its wholesale customers with initial training and ongoing clinics in proper brewing and preparation, and now they offer classes to the general public as well. The classes are conducted in a “laboratory” on site in their 4th Street building, and the four two-hour sessions include lessons about the origins of coffee farming, how-to’s on tasting or “cupping,” brewing fundamentals, and of course, barista techniques so you can learn how to make those fancy leaf designs on lattes and cappuccinos.

Noble travels around the world, to partner with sustainable coffee farmers, to participate in international competitions — sometimes as contestant, often as judge. Recently Noble’s Ethiopian ‘Schilcho’ won a 2015 Good Food Award. But locals love Noble just as much or more: Rogue Valley Messenger readers voted Noble’s Cold Brew the Best of 2015.

Whether in town, around Oregon, or around the world, Noble coffee delights and sustains. We’re proud to be partners!

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