Programming Blog 10/6/10

Programming Blog 10/6/10

I’m writing this on the airplane back to Ashland from the Vancouver International Film Fest, in Vancouver, BC. 5 days, 22 feature length films, a few shorts, and my fill of sushi and crepes!  I take lots of notes while seeing the films, then post-festival spend some time reflecting on each one, and start the work of inviting those I think are a good fit to submit to the ashland independent film festival for our 10th annual in April.

Many of us from Ashland will attend fall film festivals over the next few months, and I’ve been thinking about why it’s so important for us.  Clearly, seeing new films is at the core of what we do as programmers, but attending festivals is really valuable for all of our staff.

It’s a chance to observe first hand how other festivals operate – everything from ticketing to waiting in rush lines  – and we’ve learned a lot.  We meet filmmakers and our colleagues in the “business,” catch up with Ashland alum, and get to chat with audience members and festival volunteers.  It’s inspiring to see films on the big screen, listen to filmmaker Q&As, go to panel discussions and some parties, and have the opportunity to experience film festivals from the “other side,” similar to the way our Ashland audience, filmmakers, industry and special guests experience ours.  And ultimately, it energizes us for the huge endeavor of putting on our festival in the months ahead.

This weekend, 10/7 – 10/10,  we’re heading back out on the road.  Tom Olbrich and Jane Sage will be at the Mill Valley Film Festival in California , and Krista Olson, Wendy Conner and I will be at BendFilm in Oregon.  Darrel Pearce and I will be in Mill Valley again 10/14 – 10/17.  We’d love to meet up if you are there!

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