Programming Blog 1/11/12

I’m writing in New York City where I am attending the 5th annual Cinema Eye Honors Awards  this evening. This is my second year on the nominating committee for the Awards. It has been a great opportunity to view an amazing depth and breadth of documentaries, and also to work with a very talented group of Programmers from distinguished festivals from around the world.

The Cinema Eye Honors were launched in late 2007 to recognize exemplary craft and innovation in nonfiction film. Cinema Eyeʼs mission is “to advocate for, recognize and promote the highest commitment to rigor and artistry in the nonfiction field” – values we are in true alignment with here at the AIFF!

Renowned filmmaker Frederick Wiseman will be honored tonight with the 2012 Legacy Award for his film Titicut Follies, andJoe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, will receive the “Hell Yeah!” award for their “Paradise Lost” films about “the West Memphis Three” who were recently released from prison after 18 years.

In its second year at the Cinema Eyes, and one I find intriguing and timely, is the “Heterodox Award.” This award “honors a narrative film that imaginatively incorporates nonfiction strategies, content and/or modes of production. These films illuminate the formal possibilities of nonfiction filmmaking while raising provocative questions about on-going documentary orthodoxy and the perceived boundaries between narrative and nonfiction filmmaking.”

All the nominees for the 2012 Cinema Eye’s can be found here:

Good luck to all!

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