Programming Blog 2/16/11


These days my attention has shifted — away from the screen and on to our GRID – the 5 oversized sheets of paper hanging from the walls of the festival office. They are completely covered with multi-colored post-its that represent our 2011 lineup of film screenings, special events, panels, and parties. Our program is “locked,” and we are delighted with the result. It’s exciting to think that in a few weeks our grid will be transformed into “the Guide,” ready to help our audience navigate all the offerings of the 10th anniversary ashland independent film festival.

We had a few rough days last week as we notified the filmmakers who were not accepted this year. The sheer numbers game of programming – having to pick a slate of 80+ films from hundreds and hundreds of submissions can be painful. There were so many deserving films, wonderful films, films we fell in love with, that for a variety of factors couldn’t be included. And so we move on…

Although the temptation is to relax for a moment, and take a big breath after the enormous effort of selecting the films is complete, Opening Day of the Festival is April 7th – just two short months away. No stopping us now!

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