Rush 101

Our Production Manager, Bruce Hostetler, gives us crash course in RUSH.

You just looked online and that AIFF14 film you want to see is in RUSH! Don’t give up.

LineCome down to the theatre and stand in the RUSH line. At five minutes to show-time, if there are empty seats in the theatre, we will sell you a ticket to the film.

If there are four seats available, the first four people in the RUSH line will get in to see the film. So get in that RUSH line as early as possible! Your seat may not be next to your friend from the RUSH line, but you’ll get to see the film.

A couple of important things:

  • RUSH is cash only
  • Your membership time-block privileges won’t get you a RUSH ticket
  • AIFF RUSH is not a discount, tickets are the same price as the box office.
  • The larger the venue, the more likely there will be RUSH tickets available. But even in the back alley, there are RUSH tickets.

Your friends and neighbors are getting into films on RUSH, and you should too.

More information on our Rush Ticket Policy can be found on our website.