Saving Brinton

at Best of the Fests

Saving Brinton

87 min.
Director(s): Tommy Haines & Andrew Sherburne

Oregon Premiere – AIFF2018

In a farmhouse basement in the Iowa countryside, Michael Zahs makes a remarkable discovery: the show reels of the man who introduced moving pictures to the American Midwest. Among the treasures: rare footage of President Teddy Roosevelt, the first moving images from Burma, and a lost relic from special effects inventor Georges Méliés. These films didn’t end up in the heartland by accident. The old nitrate reels are just some of the artifacts that belonged to William Franklin Brinton, America’s greatest barnstorming movie-man. As Michael uncovers this hidden trove, he undertakes a journey to restore Brinton’s legacy and save his irreplaceable cinematic treasures from turning to dust.

Stay in your seats!

This screening will be followed by a Skype Q&A with the film’s subject Micheal Zahs


Wednesday, October 10
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
1430 Johnson Lane | Eugene, OR


All Schnitzer Cinema programs are FREE, with popcorn and refreshments also provided.

This event is proudly sponsored by The Earth and Humanity Foundation, Ashland Home Net, and Project A.

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