World Film Week!

The ashland independent film festival and Coming Attractions Theatres are teaming up for the 23rd annual Varsity World Film Week, Sept. 28 – October 4th, 2012. Check out the schedule of films and buy tickets here!

World Film Week

The ashland independent film festival and Coming Attractions Theatres are teaming up for the 23rd annual Varsity World Film Week, Sept. 28 – October 4th, 2012.  Check out the schedule of films and buy tickets here!  The lineup includes a wide representation of world film, including documentaries and films not yet in release nationwide.

Special Screenings

LET MY PEOPLE GO! Ashland’s exclusive preview of this sweet and hilarious gay romantic comedy, Jewish family drama and French bedroom farce to be released in 2013. Buy tickets.

LA CAMIONETA This documentary tracks an ordinary American school bus across the border through Mexico and into Guatemala, where it is painstakingly transformed into a vibrant camionenta.  Join Director Mark Kendall for Q&As after the screenings. Buy tickets.

A BITTER TASTE OF FREEDOM A profound and moving, politically provocative documentary about assassinated investigative journalist Anna Politikovskaya. Join Director Marina Goldovskaya for Q&As after the screenings. Buy tickets.

Films and Documentaries

SAMSARA A visually striking documentary, filmed over a period of almost five years and in almost 25 countries, Samsara subverts our expectations of a traditional documentary, encouraging our own inner interpretations inspired by images and music. Buy tickets.

VALLEY OF SAINTS Awarded “Best Feature” at the 2012 AIFF, this film vibrant film about a poor young boatman planning to escape his homeland, stunningly captures the wonder of Kashmir. Buy tickets.

PLANET OF SNAIL A wonderous documentary about a journey into the life of the most extraordinary couple, where touch communicates everything and love conquers all. Buy tickets.

ELENA Sixty-ish spouses Vladmir and Elena uneasily share his palatial Moscow apartment.  But a sudden illness and unexpected reunion threaten the dutiful housewife’s potential inheritance, she must hatch a desperate plan. Buy tickets.

TEDDY BEAR Dennis, a painfully shy 38-year-old bodybuilder, would like to find true love.  When his uncle marries a woman from Thailand, Dennis decides to try his own luck on a trip there. Buy tickets.

5 BROKEN CAMERAS An Official Selection of the 2012 AIFF, this documentary follows Emad, a Palestinian farm laborer, as he gets his first camera to record the birth of his son. Along with birthday parties, he also films demonstrations, reprisals, assaults, brutality, injury and death, as – one at a time – his five cameras succumb to West Bank violence. Buy tickets.

A FAMILY PORTRAIT IN BLACK AND WHITE In this documentary, Olga Nenya, a passionate foster mother of 17, fights tooth and nail to keep her family together and to give it strength and support. Buy tickets.

THE MATCHMAKER In 1968 Haifa, a teenage boy gets a summer job with a Holocaust survivor who makes ends meet by brokering marriages and smuggling goods in this dangerous and mysterious coming of age film. Buy tickets.


HOLD ON TIGHT A compelling look at simple gestures of affection between gay and lesbian couples in Ireland.  *2012 AIFF Official Selection*

PENTECOST Set in Ireland, 1977, a young boy named Damian is asked as a last resort to serve as an altar boy at his local church.  *2012 AIFF Official Selection*

Don’t forget to get your tickets for REEL to ROGUE! Join us, Saturday September 29th, at the beautifully remodeled Lithia Springs Resort, featuring live music, an auction, a raffle, and a selection of locally sourced and internationally inspired cuisine prepared by the award winning chefs at Larks Restaurant. All event proceeds will directly support nonprofit AIFF and its mission to celebrate the diversity of the human experience through the art of independent film – enriching, educating and inspiring audiences of all ages.